Twitter means business

There is a shortcut to success

Almost everyone read the Twitter story wrong. Till recently, companies under-estimated Twitter in their social media marketing strategies. They felt a medium of trolls and fakes were ill-suited for promoting a business. And they were wrong, and how!

Twitter is one of the most dynamic platforms to promote brand awareness and business. Advertising on Twitter allows you to target niche audience. Currently, it has 360 million users and 79% of them recommend a brand they follow to others.


We assist companies craft their advertisement campaigns in synch with Twitter to promote brand awareness and create lead sales. Armed with continuous, day-to-day monitoring, we give you insights and reports on the impact of the campaign.

Tweaking Twitter, The Digital Links way

  • Creating accounts that appeal to users.
  • Creating hashtags that can go viral and make your brand the talk of the town.
  • Creating promoted tweets to ensure that your tweets reach your ideal customer.
  • Incorporating trendy, cutting edge, ads into the account of the company or brands.
  • Creating paid ad campaigns and ensuring high Returns on Investment (ROI) through these campaigns.
  • Creating tweets hyperlinked to your company, brand or blog so consumers can directly land on your portal.

Why us ?

Our Twitter marketing strategies drive brand alertness.

We meet your social marketing objectives by partaking in trending topics and Twitter chats. We compose original content tweets, engaging with your followers. We create highly targeted paid advertisements.

Our expert Twitter campaign management team creates optimized ads that convert visitors into leads and customers. We execute your campaign and optimize it continuously by concentrating more on lower performing ads and boosting the best.


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