In 2018, about 99% of the people in the UAE have access to the internet and are also active on Social Media (as per the Hootsuite-WeAreSocial research report shared below.)

These 9.38 million people spend nearly eight hours on the internet and 3 hours on social media every day!

This presents immense opportunity for businesses in the region as their customers; both existing and potential have never been more directly accessible. This could also turn out to be one of the biggest challenges for a business as it finds itself at the centre of high-pitched competition for online attention.

Not having an online presence is like running a Business without a contact number.
Being visible to the netizens is an art and science at the same time. It requires the right digital strategy starting off by defining your visibility needs – to what segment, at what time and on which platform. An experienced digital marketing team can guide you in devising appropriate an digital strategy that will guide you as a business in selecting the right channel mix.
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Organic and paid campaigns
Organic campaigns are considered to give businesses more value, as your business shows up on the customer’s search engine due to the relevance of the search term entered. The closer you are to their search word/ key word, the higher you are on the search engine results page.
Yet another means to be visible online is to shell some money off your marketing budget and invest in paid adwords ensuring that your webpage is listed as a featured site on the top of the results page. This is a sure means to remain on top but comparatively more expensive than the organic search method a.k.a Search Engine Optimization.

Content – the catalyst
Organic or Paid, the catalyst that makes either of this method most potent and perform at their best is Content. Effective content strategy is one that informs, excites and urges your audience to take an action in your favour. Be it website, ad copy, email campaigns, Facebook posts, Instagram, YouTube videos and Twitter – content management is critical if you are to make the right impression to the right people.
A digital marketing expert will be able to build the tools, platforms, content, reporting, monitoring and improvement into one solid Digital Marketing Strategy to pump up traffic to your business website, optimise your web content, unleash an effective email and social media campaign and bring increased return on your investment.

Digital Links brings years of geography and market specific experience in the Digital Marketing space and is passionate about helping businesses increase their online visibility. We offer scalable digital marketing solutions that can fit any budget. You can contact us to help increase your online presence.
Write to us at for a free initial assessment of your Business’s digital marketing health.

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